New for 2018, we are providing luxury bell tents positioned in a secluded corner of the vineyard; just a stones throw from the entrance to the festival. Be free of battling with canvas and hammering in tent pegs when you arrive. At the end of the night just roll into bed then wake up to breath-taking views across the vineyards and the Axe Valley. When it’s time to leave, all you need do is zip up the tents and walk away!

Each tent will be prepared with inflatable beds and cosy duvets configured at your request. Please see below for our different options and pricing.


Sleeps 2-3
Our 3m bell tents are perfect for a couple. They comfortably fit a double bed but if you are happy to get a little cosy you could squeeze in 3 people.
They are cleverly designed with 3 poles to give you the maximum space possible inside.


Sleeps up to 4-5
Our 4m tents are significantly larger than the 3m and can easily sleep 4 people and 5 if you are all friendly. With 2 metres from the edge to the centre pole you have plenty of space to arrange the beds however you want.


Sleeps 2-8
Our largest tent is 5m and is our most luxurious. It can either be used as a very spacious suite with a large double bed and exquisite bedding or can house up to 8 people on air beds.

We only have a handful of tents available. Glamping tickets are sold on a first come first serve basis, please request your tent size and sleeping configuration when purchasing your tickets.