About Us

Castlewood Vineyard emerged from its south-facing Devon hillside between 2006 and 2009. This steady progression enabled key sparkling wine varieties to be trialled and planted. Pinot Noir, Chardonnay and Pinot Meunier represent three quarters of the vineyard, with ‘varietals’ mainly of Germanic origin representing the rest. In 2016 a further 2Ha of Bacchus were planted; ready for production in 2018.

This pocket of only a few thousand vines maintains its quality by only using the ripest fruit which deliver the optimum flavours for our exclusive sparkling wine. The vineyard is owned and managed by Rob Corbett who meticulously tends to every vine throughout the growing season. We call in the labour of family and friends for the harvest, with everyone eagerly anticipating the coming vintage and their free wine as payment.

Each year, the harvest from our boutique vineyard is enjoyed in the form of our annual wine festival. See the festival.


-A small boutique vineyard nestled beneath the ancient hill fort of Musbury Castle-


The Vineyard

The vineyard’s aspect is directly due south on a rolling slope. This enables any cold air to gently flow to the valley floor, providing a frost-free environment in which the vines flourish. Our fertile clay-loam soil drains freely through the subsoil into a stream that runs along the southern boundary of the vineyard. Planted at a low vine density, Castlewood’s three-metre row widths help prevent row-to-row shading. As the sun reaches its summer heights the vineyard achieves maximum sunlight hours. Close grass cover manicured throughout the year not only aids soil structure but also prevents soil erosion during the winter months.

Harvest is dictated by a combination of grape quality, ripeness and weather conditions. This is always the most thrilling period of the vineyard year, but we always have to remember that while you can make bad wine from good grapes, you can’t make good wine from bad grapes.


-We specialise in exceptional sparkling wine made from the noble grape varieties-


The Wine

Once the grapes are picked, they are transported for only a matter of minutes to near by Lyme Bay Winery. Due to proximity, grapes can be sorted and into the press within the hour. Many large vineyards experience varied delays between picking and pressing, this leads to problems with oxidation of the grapes in transit. We strive to press an exceedingly fresh juice, after cold settling our juice is transported back to the cellars at Castlewood, this provides an advantageous start for the wine making process both in stainless steel and barrel.

We believe in the Castlewood philosophy of quality not quantity and that less is more. Our wines undergo no filtration nor do we use any fining chemicals. Due to our small scale production we can leave the wines to clarify naturally.